• Team Member Jeanne Lauer to speak at CAI Leadership Workshop

    Jeanne Lauer will speak at the CAI Essentials of Community Association Volunteer Leadership Workshop on October 25, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the SEVA-CAI meeting hall located at 1300 Diamond Springs Road, Suite 400, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455. The workshop is intended primarily for community leaders and homeowners and will cover the following topics and does qualify for certain continuing education credits:   ▪    Legal    ▪      Board Governance    ▪     Maintenance   ▪    Rules Enforcement    ▪     Insurance    ▪     Accounting/Finance.   Please contact SEVA-CAI for more information at 757-558-8128.  ... Read more

  • FHA Approval of Condominium Projects – It’s a Process, not a Form

    We have found that managers and board members who have not had any experience with the process of obtaining FHA project approval have unrealistic expectations about the processing time.  In this edition we let you know the “ins and outs” of the application for such approval.  We handle both initial applications and recertifications and there is a significant difference.  If your association is applying for the first time for FHA certification the association will require a full review of its condominium documents to make sure they will comply with the changes FHA made to their document requirements in 2011.  So even relatively new documents must be reviewed by the preparer.  If the documents do not comply then it will require going through the amendment process.  We would then have to comp... Read more


    If you are injured on the job, you should be aware that you must file a claim with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission within two years of the date of your accident.  Do not accept the word of your employer or the worker’s compensation carrier that they have filed the necessary paperwork.  That does not mean they have filed the claim.  Even though your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance carrier is paying you benefits and paying for your medical treatment, that does not excuse your failure to file a claim within two years.  If you are coming close to the end of two years since your workers’ compensation accident, you should file a Claim for Benefits with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.  You should, at the very least, fill out Part A on the Claim for Ben... Read more

  • Members of the Community Associations Law Team will be speaking at CAI’s Annual Legislative and Legal update in May and June

    This year’s Update will be held on the following dates:  May 2, May 9, and June 3.   The June program is on a Saturday intended for homeowners. Heather Gillespie, the Ombudsman for Community Associations for the State, will be speaking at that session. The half-day programs will include the following topics: Legislative and Case Law Update; The latest in Enforcement Issues and Rule-Making Authority; Board Confidentiality in a World of Transparency; Voting-Evolving Trends in Membership Elections and Authority for Corporate Actions.   Mike Inman, a member of the Virginia Legislative Action Committee of CAI, will be speaking about new laws passed by this year’s General Assembly and new court decisions. You may register with the Southeastern Chapter of CAI by calling the Chapter office at 757-... Read more

  • Steven P. Letourneau, partner at Inman & Strickler, P. L. C., was recently named to the Board of Management for the Armed Services YMCA

    Steven P. Letourneau, partner at Inman & Strickler, P. L. C., was recently named to the Board of Management for the Armed Services YMCA. Mr. Letourneau, a native of Virginia Beach, has been assisting people, families, and businesses with a variety of their legal needs in the greater Hampton Roads area for more than 27 years and grew up in a Navy family. The ASYMCA is dedicated to making military life easier for the families of enlisted military members in Hampton Roads. The ASYMCA provides support to the military families by providing child development programs, community centers and fleet readiness programs. It also boosts morale by sponsoring annual special events such as Operation Holiday Joy, Father-Daughter Ball, Hearts for Heroes Fishing Trip, and the ASYMCA Mud Run. Mr. Letourneau h... Read more

  • Michael A. Inman appointed by City Council to Virginia Beach Planning Commission

    Michael A. Inman has been appointed by City Council to the Virginia Beach Planning Commission for a four year term beginning in January 2014. Mr. Inman has practiced in Hampton Roads since 1973 and has been active in numerous community organizations. His practice has a historical heavy emphasis on a broad range of real estate matters including acting as counsel to developers of condominiums and homeowner associations and the formation of a practice group that represents over 200 community associations in the region and beyond. Read more

  • Community Association Law Team receives approval to provide state-required manager training

    The Community Associations Law Team of the law firm of Inman & Strickler, P.L.C. is pleased to announce that they have been approved by the Virginia Common Interest Community Board to provide recertification training on fair housing laws and laws and regulations pertaining to community associations. Attorneys Michael Inman, Jeanne Lauer and Greg Montero will be providing this training initially on February 13, 2014. This training is available to persons who have been certified as managers and any other persons having an interest in learning about the subject matter that will be presented. Each course is two hours in length. Should you desire to have more information about these courses, please contact Terri Richardson at terrir@inmanstrickler.com or call her at 757-486-7055. Read more

  • Injured on the job? The initial steps you should take.

    The following actions are recommended no matter how minor your injury might seem to you at the time: First, report the accident by notifying your employer. A verbal notification to your supervisor is usually sufficient, but it is recommended that you confirm the notification in writing. If you do not report the accident within 30 days, then the general rule is that you will be barred from benefits under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. Second, be sure to follow up to confirm that an accident report has been completed, if that is your employer’s usual procedure. At the very least, a brief statement of how the accident occurred should be completed and dated by your supervisor. Third, document any conversations that you have with your supervisor, your company’s safety director, or fell... Read more

  • Blue Lights in the Rearview

    With the recent publicized arrest of the Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney for DUI and the various commentaries that occurred in the newspaper about the arrest, attention is again directed to this potentially life altering charge. In today's world of enhanced and aggressive DUI enforcement by authorities in all cities, as well as the State Police, and the coming holidays when routine road blocks are erected, having a few glasses of wine and a cocktail out to dinner can end in a nightmare before the evening is through. More and more, I am assisting clients that do not have a drinking problem, are not alcoholics, but who because of holiday exuberance or a particular celebration, or just inattention and a lack of judgment on one night, see their life upended by an unexpected and unanticipated D... Read more

  • FHA project certifications - Is there a duty to pursue?

    Over the past few years we have worked on obtaining FHA project certifications for many condominiums in the area. Many have received certification which allows its unit owners to refinance and buyers to finance their purchases via FHA loans. Some did not receive certification due to not meeting all of FHA’s criteria. In the current lending environment FHA loans are a major source of funding of new loans largely because of the low down payment permitted compared to other loan programs. In our area FHA loans top out at $417,500.00 so many purchasers can utilize this source of funding. There is a cost to obtain the certification in that the condominium documents must be reviewed to determine if they comply with a host of requirements imposed by the federal regulations promulgated by the FHA. ... Read more