• Estate Planning 101

    Over the years, I have been asked to speak to groups about estate planning. Inevitably, the first things people are concerned about is how complicated the process is going to be, how much it will cost and will they really be able to understand the final product. I have always used the analogy of comparing estate plans to automobiles. When you were young and single, you probably owned a used car or an inexpensive new car. Basically, you didn’t have much money so you couldn’t afford an expensive car. More than likely your only asset, in addition to the car, would be a checking or savings account. You probably didn’t own any real estate or have a stock portfolio. At that time in your life, you probably didn’t need a complex estate plan. In all likelihood a simple will leaving everything to yo... Read more

  • Pest Control, Towing of Vehicles, New swimming pool regulation in Virginia Beach

    Dear Board Members and Managers: It’s a good time to talk about laws which seem to relate to the season we have entered. We want to alert you to laws on the following topics: pest control, towing and swimming pools. Pest Control: There is a statute in the Virginia Condominium Act that requires pest companies to give 48 hours’ notice by posting the notice in a conspicuous location before applying the chemical(s). We recommend that you print a copy of the attached state statute and send it to your pest control vendors. Towing of vehicles: We have been engaged numerous time when vehicles are towed from associations. Frequently the towed owner either threatens suit or actually files suit for damages when towed in a manner he or she feels is illegal. There are strict rules in each city as to wh... Read more